Me and Hell Rell at the Allure in downtown Cleveland tonight! Get down there!

Show with Hell Rell at the Allure tomorrow night! Be there!

RT @TROPIKANA: @itstheref wayne dawsons stache

RT @TROPIKANA: @itstheref just waitin to fall asleep lol

RT @iamswag: “Pimp so hard a nigga drag his mink on the floor” - #IAMSWAG

RT @JoseTeka: Ima put it in her butt , I mean get her # by friday .. Thanx to @itstheref for his terminology

Ive loved @KELLYROWLAND since No, No, No bout time every1 got hip to how sexy she is.. I used to have a poster on my wall and everything lol

RT @JoseTeka: @itstheref insomnia swag insomnia swag

Listening to Mood Muzik 2 @JoeBudden now.. bout to lay it down and let Family Guy play in the background.. lol

Referee ft. @rayjr216 - Money Talk